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SCC provides a reliable management system for safety, health and environmental protection that is particularly suitable for companies that provide a technical service work services to its customers locally or lend personnel. The following management systems can be distinguished:

is a restricted certificate for companies with <= 35 employees. Relevant for subcontractors, which are used in certified areas.

is the unrestricted certificate.

is the unrestricted certificate with additional requirements specifically for the petrochemical industry.

is the special certificate for HR services.

The aim of these specific standards is to reduce accidents and avoid them. The standards define clear limits on the number of accidents and put your current accident statistics in the core of the evaluation. An occupational safety certification according to SCC * SCC **, SCCP and SCP will certify as a technical service and personnel services that health, safety and environmental regulations are considered as a whole in your company.

We are pleased to inform you that we have expanded our portfolio of consulting services to this aspect. We have already recorded their first success - we were able to successfully accompany a longtime customer Castrol Industrial and Service GmbH through the 04.01.2016 held certification.

We have completed the SCC training so that we are able to perform the required audits and inspections at the sites.

If you are interested in an effective implementation in your company, please come to us; the responsible project manager, Carla S. Cordas dos Santos Deutsch is available for questions concerning the implementation and deployment into existing management systems your disposal - we look forward to you!