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With >CSR+ Legal on the safe side (of the law)

Customer-specific requirements (CSR) are an important component of quality management in the automotive supply industry. They describe the special wishes and requirements of customers that go beyond the general requirements of IATF 16949. Meeting these requirements is not only a contractual obligation, but can also be a competitive advantage for suppliers.

But how can you as a supplier ensure that you know, evaluate, implement and keep all CSR up to date? How can you pass on your own CSR along the supply chain in a targeted manner? And how can you assess and minimize the legal consequences and risks?

The answer to these questions is provided by GUKSA GmbH's software module >CSR+ Legal.

This tool is an extension of the proven >CSR+ application, which is used to manage, assess, analyze and implement CSR. In doing so, CSR analysis and mapping to IATF 16949 is performed by experienced GUKSA auditors, allowing users to benefit from tremendous time savings.

The >CSR+ Legal module additionally offers legal commentary on the requirements of IATF 16949 as well as CSR and shows corresponding recommendations for action. These commentaries and recommendations are individually prepared by our renowned cooperation partner Güneş & Hamdan Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB (link to external page), who are specialized in (inter)national contract law, product liability law and product safety law, among others.

With the help of >CSR+ Legal you can therefore not only present your CSR in a structured and transparent way, but also consider the legal aspects. For example, you can determine which CSR are binding, which liability risks exist or which coordination with the customer is required. In addition, you can create your own CSR documents according to the VDA standard and make them available to your suppliers.

The innovative software >CSR+ Legal thus helps you to optimize your quality management system and their processes and to always be on the safe side legally.

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Further information as well as an interview with the specialist lawyer Dr. Güneş can be found here.