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With the publication of the new process audit regulations VDA 6.3 2023, GUKSA GmbH has added a new software solution to its portfolio as part of its comprehensive audit management system:


The tool was developed from practice for practice in cooperation with experienced auditors and is available in the versions >GUKSA VDA 6.3 BASIC and >GUKSA VDA 6.3 PRO.

Both solutions are more than just a pure assessment and process audit management software, but with the integrated extensions they offer a management tool for the effective control of measures for continuous improvement processes (opportunity management), as well as the reduction of risks from the process audit results.

The link to our well-known applications >CSR+, >TODO und >RPAS allows both a targeted and automatic presentation of CSR for individual sections of VDA 6.3 as well as the direct derivation, delegation and processing of measures from deviations and findings from an audit or assessment.

The >GUKSA VDA 6.3 software can be booked individually or together in a package with the VDA 6.3 update training (also available individually).
Benefit from our package price (on request).

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