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Comprehensive process management by integrating customer-specific requirements

As of this month, the modules for maintaining your processes (PB+) and for mapping your CSR management (CSR+) are working even more closely together. By linking CSR+ and PB+, customers of both modules now have an interface that enables even more comprehensive process management in connection with customer-specific requirements.

Innovations in CSR+

Until now, processes in CSR+ have been grouped according to process models. By linking the modules, CSR+ customers who have also purchased the PB+ module can now have their processes grouped by location (as shown in PB+).

This has an impact on the following views in CSR+, among others:

  • Side Letter: In the filter options under the item "Processes" it is now possible to filter by location instead of by process model.
  • Combination Matrix: When selecting CSR and processes to be displayed in the combination matrix, the processes will in the future be displayed grouped by location instead of by process model.
  • Master data - standards/processes (selection): When assigning standard sections to processes, processes are now displayed grouped by location instead of by process model.

Innovations in PB+

The customer-specific requirements of your company's processes can now be displayed directly, which were determined by the professional service of our GUKSA auditors. This forms the basis for the knowledge, evaluation and implementation of customer specific requirements in your processes.

This can be seen in the process management for each process under the tab "Assignments".

The CSR+ module

Customer specific requirements (CSR) define demands on your company's quality management system and form the starting point for achieving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, CSR are often part of the contract and knowledge and implementation by the process owners are an elementary part of your CSR management.

More information about this module can be found on the CSR+ product page.

The PB+ module

The processes represent the "genetic fingerprint" of a company and ultimately cover all areas of activity of a company. To operate a detailed process management, our customers have been using our "PB+" module for many years. This module enables the specification and maintenance of relevant process information such as descriptions, documents, inputs / outputs, assignments to quality management standards etc. for all processes within your company.

More information about this module can be found on the PB+ product page.

For a demonstration of the mentioned software products, please contact us for a free (online) presentation.