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CSR+ was integrated in a new fifth version on 28.01.2019 as a further component in the Guksa Solutions application! This results in many advantages for CSR+ users!

Working with CSR+ saves you a great deal of time in the procurement, review and evaluation of customer-specific requirements.

Save your time!

With the integration of CSR+ into the GS application, we have now also significantly increased the loading and reaction speed in all views. At the same time, adjustments have been made to the layout of many user interfaces to give you a better overview. In addition, many tables can now access filter functions and export data to Excel.

This enables you to work more smoothly and efficiently with the various functions and displays.

The security of your data has been further improved!

We have adapted to the recently increased demands on data protection.

When you retrieve data within the GS application, this is now processed via an encrypted data interface. Also, the data upload and download to and from the GUKSA application server is more secure, so you never have to worry about your data being intercepted and made readable by third parties.

Expandable with further GS modules

The GS application offers many different software modules to make your work easier. You can also use the Measurement-, Process- and Audit-Management module across CSR+ and benefit from synergy effects.

CSR+ 5.0 - now available!

Click on the links below to learn more about our compatible software modules:

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Process management with PB+

Audit management with RPAS®