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Customer Strategy Team
QECS AHK Portugal
Network - Expand knowledge and seize opportunities

Numerous companies have valued us as a competent and reliable partner for more than 30 years.

Our claim is to accompany our network partners, among other things, on the way to the Digital Management System (>DiMS) for more efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in a future-oriented way.

We are convinced:
Only together can we advance practical solutions to complex management system issues for our network partners and their customers.








Customer Strategy Team (CST)

GUKSA would like to continue a close and productive relationship with its customers in the future and support them in coping with constantly growing requirements.
. With this in mind, this strategy team, consisting of long-standing customers, was established in mid-2018, the results of which have an active influence on product and service development at GUKSA.

  • Members
    • Musashi Europe GmbH
      Mr. Wolfgang Sonntag,
      Manager Audits
    • APTIV Delphi Deutschland GmbH
      Mr. Rudolf Strauch,
      Quality System Manager Europe
    • Auto-Kabel Management GmbH
      Mr. Kai Moldenhauer,
      Expert for Methods & Processes
      Research & Development
    • Schulte & Co. GmbH
      Mr. Michael Stute,
      Member of the Executive Board
    • WKW Erbslöh Automotive Group
      Mr. Thomas Stöber,
      Vice President
    • Günes & Hamdan Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB
      Mr. Dr. Menderes Güneş,
    GH Legal
  • Goals of the CST

    The CST is a strategic partnership cooperation that promotes structured cooperation between GUKSA customers and partners and GUKSA GmbH. In doing so, the antitrust­legal requirements are respected.

    The goals include.:

    • Identify and plan joint software solutions for growing market and customer requirements in the area of >DiMS
    • Respond more effectively to market and customer demands than would be possible on a stand-alone basis
    • Identification of common and beneficial resource fields regarding the management systems and their processes
    • Elaboration and presentation of the possible risks arising from the market and customer requirements in the field of management systems and their reduction or elimination.
    The challenges companies are facing, are growing steadily and ever faster.

  • Benefits of the CST

    Strategic cooperations for the benefit of our customers

    Strategic collaborations, cooperation with recognized experts, academies and leading companies worldwide complement the GUKSA> portfolio in selected application areas and the benefits of the >DiMS in conjunction with company-specific processes Thus, GUKSA> customers benefit from a comprehensive range of solutions from a single source.

    In practice-related projects, the GUKSA> team works in coordination with the CST on the further development of software-based, practice-related solutions for the >DiMS, taking into account market and customer requirements.

    Guksa New Way


Our cooperation partner

Güneş & Hamdan Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB

offers consulting services for specialists in the automotive supply industry, mechanical and plant engineering, and the medical devices industry.
In national and international commercial law, the focus is on contract law, product liability law and product safety law.
An innovative application was created for our CSR+ software module in collaboration with this cooperation partner: CSR+ Legal


The DGQ Further Training is a nationwide training partner for industry, services, public administration and private individuals.

In-depth expertise and comprehensive methodological competence in the field of management systems.

DGQ Further Training is a member of the Wuppertaler Kreis e.V. - Bundesverband betriebliche Weiterbildung. The Wuppertaler Kreis is the umbrella organization of continuing education institutions in the business community. Its members are committed to a high standard of quality. It ensures the exchange of experience and represents the interests of business-related continuing education service providers.


The TÜV NORD Academy is one of the major training providers in Germany.

With recognized and certified training and further education courses, TÜV NORD Academy reliably and competently advises and supports individual qualification needs.
In doing so, experience and comprehensive know-how from our network, such as the MSRK training, are permanently incorporated into the seminar and event program of TÜV NORD Akademie.


With around 12,000 students in 69 bachelor's and master's degree programs and nine departments, the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences is one of the larger of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia.
An association with cooperation partners from business, associations and institutions creates pleasing prospects, which we use for our GUKSA>network.

In the Laboratory for Experimental Process and ERP Research, scientists, practitioners and students work together to make innovative technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, SAP© S/4HANA and and Process Mining usable in concrete application fields.

Laboratory for Experimental Process and ERP Research

Among other things, the application potential and economic aspects of IT are examined in the context of concrete business processes.

An important goal of the laboratory is the transfer of knowledge from the university to corporate practice - in particular, but not only, to facilitate access to these technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises.


TÜV NORD CERT is a service provider for comprehensive testing and certification based on national and international specifications and standards for products, services, and management systems.

Management systems must be continuously developed to meet market and customer requirements. With TÜV NORD CERT, as part of the GUKSA>network, we exchange information on changes and news in the field of management systems and methods.


QECS – Quality & Engineering Consulting Services

QECS is our strategic competence partner for the consolidation of GUKSA solutions in the North American market.

As part of our strategic commitment, we are always looking forward to reach the market needs and that is why we decided to partner with QECS and start consolidating our market position in the North American Market (NAM), more specifically in Mexico - Guanajuato region.


Membership of the German-Portuguese Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The AHK Portugal has been promoting cooperation between German and Portuguese companies for 69 years and supports them in establishing and expanding their business relations in both countries.

The AHK Portugal is part of a global network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK). There are 140 AHK locations in more than 92 countries worldwide. In Germany, these are closely linked to the network of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK).